Why do we carry out lighting site surveys?

MMA Lighting Consultancy undertake a number of Section 278 lighting designs each week. A section 278 lighting design largely involves the alteration of existing carriageways and lighting to potentially create a new access or roundabout into a development.

We feel it is an imperative task that the lighting engineer visits site when the existing lighting requires alterations, too many people try and rely on google maps, but as we all know – whilst this is a fantastic tool to use, unless the mapping was created within a few weeks, the chances are the site looks different online to what it might look like in the real world.

Our engineers are qualified and experienced to undertake site surveys, our surveys will include some of the following tasks: –

  • Note lighting column positions and actual numbering used
  • Determine existing lanterns currently installed
  • Determine supply types of existing columns and supply points if privately fed
  • Determine feeder pillar positions
  • Pickup existing lit signage on site
  • General details such as trees, drives, drop kerb’s and any other items that could impact the potential new lighting design installation.

We are finding a number of local authorities now request that we must prove a site survey has been carried out with photographic evidence of each asset. The feedback we receive is some lighting consultants are carrying out Section 278 lighting designs without carrying out a site survey. Within our quotations provided for our Section 278 designs a survey will always be included where existing lighting is present.

To contact MMA Lighting Consultancy about how we can assist with your projects and if you specifically require a section 38 lighting design, section 278 lighting design or private lighting design please follow one of the below links and one of our engineers will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Email: info@mma-consultancy.co.uk

Telephone: 0118 321 5636