Case Study: Westbury station approach

Case study – Private lighting design
Scheme – Spinnaker, Westbury station approach
Local Authority – Wiltshire County Council
Division – Residential

In 2023 MMA Lighting Consultancy Ltd were commissioned by Vistry Group/Linden Homes to design a private street lighting design for a remote footway at the Spinnaker Housing Development in Westbury. The detailed street lighting design required planning approval by Wiltshire County Council.

The instruction from Linden Homes was to provide a detailed lighting design using low levels bollards. As the footway forms an important walking route from the new housing development back to Westbury Railway Station it was imperative it was lit, however the footway was heavily tree lined and in a sensitive area. Therefore only low level bollards could be used to sit underneath the canopies of the trees.

To compile the detailed street lighting design, exterior lighting calculation reports were completed using Lighting Reality design software with a detailed CAD drawing was submitted to the Local Authority for planning approval. All MMA Lighting Consultancy street lighting designs are submitted with a lighting schedule, risk assessment packs and a design methodology document to ensure CDM regulations are adhered to.

The lighting design was carried out using Linden Homes standard specification to create a footway lighting design with LED low level lighting bollards. LED’s have a lamp life of up to 100k hours of operation meaning reduced cyclic maintenance visits would be required a reduction in the overall energy costs.

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