Street lighting has been present on our roads for many years and is intended to illuminate the drivers route, signage and any hazardous approaches such as junctions. MMA Lighting Consultancy specialise in all aspects of exterior Highway Lighting Design.

Road lighting can be found in various different equipment types from standard to decorative and conservation areas. A street light is a raised source of light found at the edge of the road or footway which is designed to illuminate the drivers route. Some street lights traditionally can be found with cable linking between the two, this is called catenary lighting, however most modern road lighting solutions can be found with underground cabling, which can either be UK Power Networks or local authority cabling. Road lighting units will be switched off in the daytime and turned on at night. This can be performed using either group control, individual light sensitive photocells or modern CMS remote monitoring systems. All factors that we take into account as lighting consultants specialising in exterior and highway lighting design.

When road lighting was first introduced many years ago by the Greek and Roman civilizations it was predominantly oil powered fittings which were installed to illuminate the roadway. As technology improved over the years oil was replaced by gas which in turn would have been replaced by incandescent lighting and latterly high intensity discharge lighting in the 1960s and 1970s. As technology has progressed through the 21st Century including the push for a greener environment and the advent of carbon reduction, more energy efficient fittings such as CosmoPolis and LED fittings are now the common method to illuminate roads, footway’s and other associated outdoor lighting requirements.

Producing Highway lighting design’s

All road lighting designs should be carried out in accordance with the current British Standards BS 5489 and BS EN 13201. This latest European Standard was released in 2003 and is the document which all exterior highway lighting designs should be carried out in accordance with. The Institution of Lighting Professionals also produce numerous Technical Reports which supplement the British Standards for areas such as Pedestrian Crossing, Cycleway’s and Grid Calculation methods.

The major advantages of road lighting are the prevention of accidents and increased safety. Instructing a specialist lighting consultant on road lighting design schemes can benefit the local environment when using innovating through modern technology and inspire creativity throughout the design.

Our projects related to road lighting design are PFI Contracts, planning advice, asset management and column replacement programs. We also work for numerous consulting engineers on a national basis for schemes which are adoptable through the majority of local councils throughout the United Kingdom.

Our Design and Consulting Service

MMA Lighting Consultancy specialise in all aspects of exterior and road lighting design, our designers have many years experience in the road lighting design sector whether it be Section 38, Section 278 lighting design or trunk road motorway designs this is a capacity we can provide. MMA Lighting Consultancy is an independent lighting consultant and can undertake road lighting designs for the public sector, contractors, lighting manufacturers and consulting engineers on a nationwide basis. We are a multi disciplinary consultancy with experience in the construction, design and installation of road lighting, to find out more contact one of our Directors who will gladly assist.