What We Do at MMA

MMA Lighting Consultancy Limited is an independent street lighting consultancy specialising in all aspects of exterior lighting design and street lighting services (throughout UK and Ireland). The company was formed in 2005 and employs experienced street lighting designers and engineers which specialise in all aspects of exterior lighting design.

Detailed below are some of the services we currently offer our customers, (please note if you cannot see the service you require in the list below please contact us). We are always more than happy to discuss your needs and provide information on how we can help you.

Feasibility studies

  • Site appraisals/ development
  • Planning reviews for existing and new lighting
  • Review of sports lighting for local authority approval
  • Environmental planning reviews
  • Lighting impact assessment

Lighting design solutions

  • Commercial, architectural and residential lighting design’s
  • Highway lighting design to BS EN13201 and BS5489
  • Street lighting design
  • Housing development section 38 and section 278 lighting design
  • Lighting of art structures
  • Decorative lighting solutions using heritage equipment
  • Private area lighting design (housing and commercial)
  • Design check and independent verifier for PFI’s
  • Standard detail drawings
  • Secured by Design compliant lighting designs
  • Car park lighting design. Click here for further details

Sports Pitch Lighting Designs

  • Lighting designs for sports pitches in accordance with BS EN 12193
  • Lighting reports and feasibility studies for sports venues
  • Isolux contour drawings for sports installations to aid planning applications
  • Obtrusive lighting calculations for sensitive receptors close to developments.
  • Electrical network designs for sports venues

Site investigations and survey solutions

  • Lighting Surveys
  • Site marking prior to installation
  • Supervision of contractor on site
  • Existing light level readings taken in accordance BS EN13201-4 and the ILP technical report TR28
  • Commission of lighting installations/Handover documents
  • Subway lighting appraisal

Planning and Environmental support

  • Discharge of lighting conditions – Click here for further information
  • Environmental Impact assessments (EIA reports)
  • Night time light level surveys in sensitive areas
  • Isolux contour diagrams including those with rear shields fitted
  • Vertical illumination plots
  • Lighting strategy including mitigation factors
  • Ecology mitigation lighting Click here for further information

Electrical Network designs

  • Single Phase network designs to 18th edition wiring regulations
  • Three Phase network designs to 18th edition wiring regulations
  • Feeder pillar schematics for private installations
  • Feeder pillar layout designs for private installations

Other services

  • Management of street lighting improvement programmes
  • Management of street lighting maintenance budgets and operations
  • Secondment of staff to local authority and consultancy offices
  • Feeder pillar layout designs for private installations
  • Producing lighting policy documents and asset management plans (TAMPS)
  • Management of WiFi installation projects
  • Contract preparation

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