Car parks in the United Kingdom form an important task of attracting shoppers to amenity areas, keeping cars off already congested streets at night and for visitors to leisure complexes etc. Excellent car park lighting design is crucial to keep visitors safe. There are a number of regulations and legislation surrounding car park lighting and here are a few important examples below:

The lighting levels for car parks can be found within BS 12464: 2014 and are split into three categories, these being light, medium and heavy traffic flows.

Using BS 12464:2014 table 5.9 gives a breakdown of how the different lighting classes can be determined. When lighting car parks it is very important to have good levels of overall uniformity to ensure that the ratio between the average high and average low points is not too large. The uniformity required of 0.25 (25%) is consistent between all lighting categories. In order to achieve the higher uniformity columns will need to be provided with even and consistent spacing’s.

Using modern street lighting methods a low energy LED solution is often the most suitable light source as it helps to achieve the higher uniformity and has high colour rendering than traditional lighting methods.

In order to achieve the best lighting levels compliant with table 5.9 the design should be produced in professional lighting design simulation software and presented in a detailed format for ease of ordering by the contractor. The use of lighting software also helps to demonstrate to planners spill lighting and obtrusive lighting through residents windows.


Here at MMA Lighting Consultancy we specialise in the design of all exterior lighting including car park lighting design. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable designs are also able to provide a private cable network design within the project to ensure your private lighting columns have a suitably designs power network.

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