Case study: Bracknell Railway Station

Case study – Car park lighting design
Scheme – Bracknell Forest Council
Local Authority – Bracknell Forest Council
Division – Transportation

In 2009 MMA Lighting Consultancy Ltd were commissioned by Bracknell Forest Council to design a joint adoptable and privare lighting design for the approval and adoption of Bracknell Forest Council and Network Rail. The detailed street lighting design was for a new proposed mini roundabout on Market Street to create an improved accesses into the railway station and the car park lighting design.

The existing lighting along Market Street was age expired and non-compliant with any British Standard lighting class. Over the years the lighting had been replaced with numerous different types of high pressure sodium lanterns. Our proposed design rationalized the different lighting stock and improved the lighting to ensure this was compliant with BS5489: 2003 (current at the time). The existing car park lighting was very poor and consisted of 6m lighting columns with low pressure sodium lanterns.

The Local Authority provided a lighting design guide for the new Section 278 lighting design and a copy of the Network Rail lighting specification which would be used by MMA Lighting Consultancy.

To compile the detailed street lighting design, exterior lighting calculation reports were completed using Lighting Reality design software with a detailed CAD drawing was submitted to the Local Authority for technical approval. All MMA Lighting Consultancy street lighting designs are submitted with a lighting schedule, risk assessment packs and a design methodology document to ensure CDM regulations are adhered to. Within the lighting design a private cable network design was carried out for proposed car park lighting design.

The lighting design was carried out using Bracknell Forest Council’s standard specification galvanised steel (Corus) lighting columns with Philips Iridium 90w Cosmopolis lanterns on eight metre lighting columns. At the time of the design the CosmoPolis lighting was the main lamp used when a white light source was required and at the time was the councils specification. The lighting unit was installed with a Mayflower remote monitoring node, although some of the columns have since had an LED lantern change and the CMS converted to the Telensa system.

Our Technical Director – Mark Chandler and Senior Lighting Engineer – Simon Winch visited the site a few years ago to take some night time photographs for the client and thought it was now a good time to showcase the results.

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