What is a lighting assessment?

A lighting assessment can be carried out on an existing highway which requires a new junction installed, an existing car park that is viewed sub standard or foot way lighting within close proximity of residential homes.

Our lighting designers are able to carry out lighting reviews and studies for a range of clients. Whether you are a developer, local authority of  civil engineers contractor the situation may occur where a change in use of a highway or private land requires a lighting assessment or lighting appraisal to confirm if the current street lighting installation meets the British Standards defined within BS 5489 or BS EN 12464:2007.

Our comprehensive lighting assessments include existing lighting level details, equipment schedules, drawings and an environmental impact assessment. We also produce risk assessments and method statements to determine how the appropriate lighting class has been achieved for approval by the local authority. A lighting assessment forms an important process within the development stage of a project as it can quickly determine if improvements are required or not, rather than un-necessarily increasing the wattage or lanterns, when it might not be required.

MMA Lighting Consultancy carry out lighting assessments for the following: –

  • Section 278 lighting improvement schemes
  • Car Park lighting
  • Footway and footpath lighting
  • Sports facilities
  • Public amenity areas
  • Private courtyard lighting
  • Industrial and storage depot lighting schemes

For further information on how our design and lighting consultancy can assist and potentially reduce crime and costs of your scheme, please contact a member of the MMA Lighting Consultancy street lighting design team:

Reading Office – 0118 321 5636

Hull Office – 01482 772 421

Email – info@mma-consultancy.co.uk

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