LED Street Lighting is fast becoming the talking point within the modern exterior lighting world. A lighting emitting diode (LED) is what is known as a semi-conductor light source. LEDs were originally introduced in the early 1960s and had previously been used for various different applications such as indicator lamps in electronic equipment and advertising due to the excellent variance in colour and reliability they offer. Traditionally they have also been very low wattage which made them a good electronic component.

As technology has improved the overall cost of an LED lamp has reduced year on year. For many years LED lighting has been used in external lighting; however this has mainly been for decorative and architectural lighting where colour change properties are relevant. Such applications where these had become used are decorative up lighters, lighting strings for bridge decks, festive lighting to name but a few.

There are many benefits of selecting an LED lamp for an exterior street lighting scheme, these range from:

  • Low lamp wattage
  • Reduced energy/running costs
  • Increase lamp life expectancy
  • Reduced maintenance regime
  • Fewer lamp changes
  • Increased colour temperatures (white light source gives excellent colour recognition)

In the early stages of developing LED Lighting for exterior street lighting schemes the LED light source was only available within small luminaires to light roads such as small low-use cul-de-sacs and some footways. The lighting industry and specifically the leading lighting bodies were pushing for LED technology to improve in order for larger schemes and street to facilitate the use of these lamps.

Within the last 2 years LED technology has grown to such an extent that numerous local authorities have now adapted their street lighting policies to fully incorporate the LED lamp into all exterior street lighting applications. The majority of the leading lighting manufacturers now have a full range of LED lanterns for the full array of wattages required for lighting all roads from residential category (S Class) roads to trunk and distributor roads (ME Class). As an LED Lighting Designer, MMA Lighting Consultancy has an excellent understanding of all leading brands lighting equipment to specify this within our designs.

LED lighting are energy saving lamps which are a green alternative to incandescent lamps. Looking forward LED technology will become greatly used within an unprecedented amount of lighting applications. LED Lighting is sustainable and offers an energy saving of up to 80% in some applications. If a good quality LED product is selected they offer promises regarding performance and lifetime output. LED lamps can last up to 25 years which offers a saving to the local authority once they are installed which in term means they will have to change the lamps at fewer intervals. The savings found within LED technology can often mean the energy you save on the product gives a pay back in just 18 months. Using an LED Lighting Consultant at MMA will help you achieve these energy savings.

LED Street Lighting has fast become the preferred lamp source for many exterior lighting projects. MMA Lighting Consultancy can facilitate the use of all leading lighting manufacturers current LED luminaires within our street lighting schemes.

LED Street Lighting Consultants

MMA Lighting Consultancy has suitably qualified LED Lighting Consultants with excellent knowledge of interior and exterior products to enhance your project requirements. An LED Lighting Consultant can add innovation, improve the aesthetics of your scheme and offer considerable energy savings against more traditional products.

Please contact us for more information on these services.