Lighting forms an essential safety aspect throughout our community whether it be for residential, trunk roads or outdoor sports lighting and the design of it is critical. Not only does appropriate lighting scheme ensure safety throughout the community, it also improves the aesthetics and warmth of an area. A well lit highway, for instance, can change our communities, make the night time environment a safer place to congregate and enthuse regeneration which can lead to a greatly improved local society. These benefits can only be achieved if the correct lighting design solution is implemented.

Hyde Park Corner LightingIn 2003 the British Standards were dramatically modernised to take account of the European Standards and placed emphasis on improved lighting and the importance of achieving an excellent uniformity. In years gone by, poor uniformity was referred to as the zebra effect as you look along an existing roadway resulting in patches or dark lighting. There have also been changes to the nuisance lighting requirements.

This has been an important change to ensure that any scheme passed through a local authority must now meet a strict requirement, helping to reduce the impact of glare and unwanted lighting impacting on residents, drivers and anyone else associated with the scheme. MMA’s lighting designers have the expertise and broad knowledge of these requirements and are happy to advise where necessary.

MMA Lighting Consultancy have lighting designers fully trained in these modern standards who have completed the Lighting Diplomas courses with the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP). Our staff are passionate about the lighting designs that they produce and always work towards achieving a solution that will not only ensure safety but also improve the community, aesthetics and beauty of any project.

Planning a Lighting Scheme

As a lighting designer you have the duty to provide a well lit scheme which fully complies to the required guidance documents and British Standards. MMA Lighting Consultancy Limited’s designers have an excellent knowledge of all governing bodies and standards which should apply.

Whether you have a car parking scheme, roadway lighting, sports pitch or Town Centre Amenity street lighting project, a British Standard, European Standard or Secure by Design standard will apply. At MMA Lighting Consultancy we pride ourselves and offer our clients the correct advice and guidance to work towards the correct solution for their projects.

Should you have a project which requires any form of lighting which is not shown above or within the What we do at MMA section of our website, then our expertly trained staff are always on hand to advise on a working solution to ensure your scheme meets both your own and your client’s requirements.

At MMA Lighting Consultancy we have been instructed to work on many prestigious lighting projects throughout the UK for a wide variety of clients. There are many forms of different strategies and approaches you can take when forming the important basis for a lighting design.

The correct light source is essential to ensure the scheme is fit for purpose. At MMA our lighting designers pride themselves on fit for purpose designs and will select the right light source to ensure the ambient feel of the scheme fully meets the needs of our client, the end user and the adopting authority.

MMA’s Lighting Designers

Based in the South of England and working on a national scale delivering street lighting solutions, we produce comprehensive lighting design solutions that are tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of our clients, including taking our lighting design through the appropriate local planning approval process. Our company aim is to deliver the right design solution within the specified timescales at a competitive price.

With a vast experience in the exterior lighting design and maintenance industry we have the knowledge to undertake all aspects of lighting design work. We also have the capability to work locally in a client’s office which brings distinct advantages when working on larger or ongoing projects. Our experienced lighting design team strive for success and as such are always keen to discuss proposals prior to producing designs. This enables us to deliver the correct design solution from the outset and helps to ensure customers and happy with their solution.

At MMA, our lighting consultants pride themselves on their ability to where possible provide a prompt turnaround on the design of lighting schemes, offer advice via email or telephone and attend meetings where required. We are a developer-friendly consultancy who understand the importance of feasible lighting solutions on small and large schemes.

If you are interested in MMA Lighting Consultancy Limited carrying out a lighting design for you and require a quote please contact us at or use the Contact Us form.