Private Lighting Developments, the grey area of exterior lighting?

Private developments are fast becoming a popular choice for new developments; with the expensive adoption process and the need to pay a “Bond” to local authority’s a concern for developers. Also with many local authorities’ adoption process being a lengthy and potentially complicated process which can prove a deciding factor.

With this in mind a lot of developers sometimes rely on manufacturers to provide a design service and build lighting schemes using this method. This can sometimes cause issues on site and over the years I and colleagues have had to carry out reviews on scheme’s that create light pollution and effect residents on the new developments.

The other area that private lighting schemes also cause concern for me is that some advice developers have received is that anything can be installed, this is not the case and BS 5489 does cover this type of development. I always advise the developers I have worked with that private developments that are adjacent to adoptable developments, mirror lighting classes and equipment where appropriate and practicable.

Also to have in mind when designing or specifying a private lighting scheme is that the risk for the assets and highway will be with the developer or service provider for the site. So a competent design engineer producing a lighting scheme with an appropriate lighting standard that complies is most important.

Rob Cooper, Midlands Region – MMA Lighting Consultancy