Why do I need a lighting schedule?

When producing a detailed street lighting design, MMA Lighting Consultancy always produce a lighting schedule to accompany the design package. A lighting schedule can have varying levels of detail, but generally they are considered a fundamental part of a good quality street lighting design.

They are required to: –

⦁ Tabulate the lighting proposals for both existing and proposed equipment
⦁ Show column type, height, finish
⦁ Show lantern type, wattage and order reference code,
⦁ Differentiate the supply types
⦁ Identify the column numbering
⦁ Show the OS co-ordinates of the lighting units

During the lamp column installation process, the contractor is able to use the co-ordinates which are based on ordnance survey 6 figure grid reference points, to ‘set out’ the lighting columns prior to installation on site. This will help to ensure accurate lamp column positioning, especially on a section of road where physical land marks are not present.

The ordnance survey figures are created within the lighting design software providing the design drawing CAD file is on the required co-ordinate system.

An example of an MMA Lighting Consultancy schedule is shown below:

An example of a lighting schedule

After the installation process, any adoptable section 38 equipment will need adopting by the local authority. Once the lighting equipment has been adopted it will need to be placed onto “maintenance” which is done via the council’s asset management system. New assets will need to be created for the lighting columns needing to be adopted, within the asset field data the 6 figure ordnance survey position is required to accurately place the column on the GIS mapping element of the asset management system. Having the information already populated by the street lighting consultant is extremely helpful to the local authority in terms of reducing time and making sure the information is accurately transferred onto the asset management system.

All of our section 38 and section 278 street lighting designs are tailored towards the local authorities or client’s needs. On larger designs the schedule shall be provided by MMA Lighting Consultancy in a separate PDF document however on a much smaller scheme we will insert it into the drawing where there is room to include it.

To contact MMA Lighting Consultancy about how we can assist with your projects and if you specifically require a section 38, section 278 or private lighting design please follow one of the below links and one of our engineers will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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