What is a Lighting Design?

Lighting design is a computerised method of simulating the output of a light fitting. Carrying out or requesting a lighting design is an important function for any new development or site to ensure that either the designated area is not under lit or over lit.

The benefits of a computer simulated lighting design by a competent consultant are:

  • To ensure the scheme meets current standards for the selected application.
  • Meeting current environmental guidelines and BS 5489: 2013
  • Not over lighting an area to ensure the scheme is energy efficient
  • Reduction in column/fitting quantities where possible

With a push towards reduction of our carbon footprint it has quickly become crucial to not over light a scheme with more fittings than is necessary. Selecting the correct lamp wattage is also essential. For instance, why select a 100w lamp when perhaps a 60w or 70w lamp would achieve the save results, giving you a saving of around 30%.

As a lighting designer, it is our responsibility to produce lighting designs which are energy efficient for the environment and the most economically viable solution for the customer. For every unit which is over designed or engineered could cost the client £1000’s by the end of the scheme.

At MMA Lighting Consultancy our lighting designs are carried out by qualified ILP designers using the latest technology for an economical design to the current guidelines.

For further information on how our designs can assist and potentially save you money on your scheme, please contact a member of the MMA Lighting Consultancy street lighting design team:

Reading Office – 0118 321 5636

Hull Office – 01482 772 421

Email – info@mma-consultancy.co.uk

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