What a good street lighting supplier can offer you?

A good street lighting supplier can offer you many services which range from the purchasing of lanterns, lighting columns (formerly known as lamp standards), control gear and many other items related to installing a good and compliant lighting scheme. The ways in which street lighting equipment can be purchased is either directly from manufacturers or from electrical wholesalers which specialise in being able to offer products at reduced rates due to the unique way they purchase the equipment. Equipment purchased from a street lighting wholesalers can be purchased as a single item or 200.

Some manufacturers of equipment will only supply directly to specialised wholesalers due to the size and volume of equipment they sell on a weekly and monthly basis. It i always worth liaising directly with a good street lighting supplier as they will be able to advise you on the best product to suit your needs rather than being only able to comment on a single manufacturers product.

Traditionally wholesalers are closer to the markets they supply than the source they get the products which ensures you get the exact product you requite. With the availability of the internet and electronic procurement there is an increased number of wholesalers based in south eastern Asia which ensures prices are kept to a low. This is another benefit of using a street lighting supplier as there can be a significant cost saving to be made. Wholesalers often act as an agent or broker in buying lighting products or selling products to contractors or local authorities direct. From time to time they often assemble products or sell them separately. They operate completely independent from a lighting design consultancy, local authority and lighting contractor.

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