Section 38 lighting designs

With the UK government continuing too target large scale house building projects across the country and local authority’s having targets for house building from central government. Section 38 developments are by far the largest source of work for MMA Lighting Consultancy and provide a great opportunity to our design engineers to work on a fresh and usually undeveloped site.

The varied type of schemes developers commission MMA to work on new developments is staggering; many schemes are adoptable and are designed to the latest developer’s specification from 3 column cul-de-sacs to 100 column housing developments with multiple phases. A larger number of Section 38 schemes are now being asked by developers to be private none adoptable schemes, these do tend to be smaller schemes up to around 20 column schemes but they are becoming more frequent.

The first question we always ask is as above is this scheme Private or adoptable to the local authority developer specification? Has a section 278 design been completed adjacent to the scheme to tie in with new junctions etc.? If so can we have a drawing so we can ensure the section 38 matches up with the design we are to produce? If a section 278 scheme has not been produced as in my last blog can we help with this scheme if a section 278 is required?

If MMA is successful in producing the lighting design for the section 38 scheme the following documents and information are obtained;

  • Scheme layout in CAD format.
  • Local authority latest developer specification, also if required the local authority will be approached to provide a lighting class definition.
  • Site survey if required.
  • Existing and proposed plans of services on site i.e. overhead lines, underground services and other possible risks.
  • Traffic data if available.
  • As built drawings if available (this helps with feed information)

As many Street lighting design engineers are aware this information is not always available but to be proactive MMA always try and obtained as much information as possible to ensure we produce the best lighting design as possible.

Once we have designed the scheme and produced supporting documents such as Risk assessments, Electrical connection schedules, design method statement and lighting reality calculations. We send the scheme to the client to review and then send to the local authority in the clients own time.

After we have completed the scheme that is not the end of the process, MMA always ensure we are available to make amendments to site layouts or if the client or local authority makes comments we are here to make sure the scheme proceeds.

Rob Cooper

MMA lighting Consultants (Midlands Region)