Section 278 lighting designs

Section 278 lighting schemes, a necessary project to improve highways.

In the UK the current Government has targeted to build over 200,000 homes in the UK, the fields and brown field sites of the UK are fast become opportunities for new developments. This puts a large emphasis on improving the highways that are adjacent to these new sites and the entrances from existing highways into new developments.

For over a decade MMA lighting consultants have offered a service to developers and local authorities to produce Section 278 lighting design solutions for the improvement of the lighting for these schemes. The important process we take to produce these designs is:

Free Quotation

We are asked to provide a free quote from the client/developer and provide the quote on a brief from the client/developer. We would ideally like to receive the most up to date approved highway layout for the S278 and any other information that may be appropriate such as known risks on site, proposes risks on site and the utility plans.

Site survey

After the client/developer has given a “proceed” notification MMA Lighting Consultancy Limited regularly survey existing street lighting equipment on site, this is a very important aspect of a section 278 due to having to know exactly what is on site and to get an understanding of site conditions. When on site MMA engineers always work to the latest health and safety guidance and carry the site survey in a safe and professional manner. Whilst on site the MMA engineer will identify the existing lighting equipment such has column height and Lantern type. Also of high importance is to identify the way the existing lighting is electronically connected and to identify any risks on site.

MMA Lighting - Cut out


MMA lighting - Sub Station


Scheme Brief from the local authority

Before or after the survey phase MMA lighting consultants request a detailed design brief from the local authorities lighting engineer, this is to understand what the local authority expect from the lighting design and will help in the technical approval of the scheme. The information provided usually includes; Lighting Class, column height, lantern type and the latest authority developers specification for street lighting.

Detailed lighting design

Collating all the information above the Scheme brief and Survey MMA lighting consultants carry out a detailed street lighting design to the latest British standard and local authority developer specification. MMA Lighting Consultancy provide:

  • Proposed lighting design layout
  • Lighting calculations using lighting reality.
  • Design Document which explains the reason we have used the equipment, lighting class and environmental considerations.
  • Risk Assessments outlining any risks MMA lighting consultants discover and require disclosing.
  • Connection schedule which outlines the method of connecting the street lighting equipment electrically.

Once the scheme is considered complete an internal checking system is used to ensure quality control and the lighting scheme complies.

Lighting Design submitted to the local authority

After the proposed lighting design has been checked and amended if required, MMA lighting consultancy then send the proposed scheme to the client/developer. MMA requests the client/developer to submit the scheme to the authority as they require having control of the submission.

Local Authority comments and technical approval

Once submitted the lighting design will be checked by the local authorities lighting engineers or consultants, they usually make comments and these will then be sent to MMA lighting consultants through the client/developer. Any comments are then assessed and the scheme will be amended and resubmitted as the above submission method.

Technical approval

When the comments made by the local authority have been addressed the local authority will provide technical approval, this means the proposed lighting design can be moved forward and the client/developer can proceed with installation and procurement.

If your organisation requires any lighting design serves don’t hesitate to contact for a free quote or advice.