Reduction of crime with improved lighting

Crime reduction by “light against crime” has become an important part of crime reduction within the UK and it widely noted as an affective means of improving safety.Using modern lighting technology with a white light source can massively reduce the perception of safety and risk people feel to crime. Better colour recognition is also present when the light source is of a “white light” or LED lighting solution.

One effective way of reducing crime is an initiative and document produced by the Police called Secured by Design. This a scheme which has an objective to create secure quality places of which people work and live. Secured by Design is a policy for new and refurbished homes, commercial properties and car parks which shall use quality products to ensure a reduction in crime. A membership scheme is operated for which applicants need to demonstrate the development complies with this standard to be accredited with Secured by Design certification.

At MMA Lighting Consultancy Ltd we have have ILP competent and trained lighting consultants and designers to produce schemes in accordance with Secured by Design lighting which comply with both BS 5489 and the recommendations contained within the Secured by Design guidance document. This document covers car parks, walk ways, residential housing estate lighting, CCTV lighting – to name but just a few. Enhanced lighting levels and uniformity ensure excellent lighting levels within developments to dramatically reduce crime and the perception of safety.

Secured by Design is an excellent worthwhile policy offering benefits to the local community. MMA Lighting Consultancy have carried out car parks, residential housing estates and CCTV lighting schemes recently which have succesfully based Secured by Design checking procedures.

For further information on how our designs can assist and potentially reduce crime on your scheme, please contact a member of the MMA Lighting Consultancy street lighting design team:

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