New lighting design code, BS 5489

On the 31st December 2012 a revision to BS 5489 was released. This is the lighting design guidance document used throughout most of the designs which MMA Lighting Consultancy produce. The new code is called BS 5489: 2013 which is linked to BS EN 13201 which is still in draft formation and not available for public release at the moment.

The change in the British Standards for exterior lighting design have be implemented because of the change in the lighting technology, influence of white light sources of LED lighting and Cosmpolis lamps and the ultimate drive towards energy/carbon reduction.

The new lighting standards also take account of Variable lighting, trimming and using a white light source.

The main changes within the code are:

  • ME classes have become M class
  • CE classes have become C class
  • S class roads are now P class
  • SR (Surround ratio) has become EIR

Within the new code there is a large emphasis put onto the competent street lighting designer to determine the lighting classification of the road by producing a design risk assessment to assess any hazards or concerns along the road to enable the designer to accurately determine the lighting class and provide all necessary details to others associated with the design. When designing residential P class roads the designer is then able adjust the lighting levels accordingly once they have decided on the class of road and the target level if using a traditional white light source or LED Lighting.

At MMA Lighting Consultancy we have competent designers who can design schemes for you using the new British Standards design guide for section 38 lighting design, section 278 lighting design and secure by design lighting schemes.