LED’s the ever changing light source

Having worked in the Street lighting Industry for the last 8 years the biggest change in Street lighting has been the massive development of LED luminaires, this has bought many benefits to the Street lighting industry. Savings in energy, less maintenance and therefore less labour and spare parts, the dimming and trimming that can be achieved through Central control systems and the sheer choice of products.

One thing myself and many colleagues comment on though is that due to the fast paced change in technology and a never ending change to photometric data it is becoming ever more difficult to keep up in an ever changing industry. I have completed phase 1 of a section 38 scheme and phase 2 using different photometric data due to these changes.

This must be a nightmare for electrical contractors installing schemes and for maintenance of these schemes. So what can we do to alleviate these issues if they are issues, well I would encourage manufacturers to update the photometric data as fast as they are bringing products to market. Limiting the amount of settings and outputs and order the data in a more proactive manner.

So the future of Street lighting is LED and it’s a benefit to most clients.

Rob Cooper, Derby