Discharging Street Lighting Related Planning Conditions

For many years now MMA Lighting Consultancy Ltd have been successful in helping customers gain full planning permission on housing development sites. We specialise in helping our customers discharge specific street lighting related planning conditions.

If you are involved in gaining planning permission on a housing development, and have a planning condition that is causing you an issue, then we can certainly be of assistance.

By paying very close attention to the items detailed in the planning condition, we will produce a lighting design solution that is individually tailored to suit the site in question whilst meeting all the requirements set out in the planning condition.

Whilst working on these individual projects we will always ensure that we adhere to the current British and European Standards such as BS 5489-1:2013 and BS EN 13201-2. Published guidelines from the Institute of Lighting Professionals will also be followed closely, along with your local authority’s standard detailed specification to ensure that your planning condition is successfully discharged.

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To contact MMA Lighting Consultancy about how we can assist with your projects and if you specifically require assistance with discharging planning conditions for street lighting or other related lighting designs please follow one of the below links and one of our engineers will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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