5 Reasons to consider using a well-established small company

In these uncertain times that we are all facing, it is important as a company that you are doing your best to support the larger and smaller companies within your supply chain. Supporting a variety of companies will assist Great Britain in getting out of the potentially difficult financial position that it is facing.

We all know the benefits of using a large company to deliver your everyday needs, but here are 5 positive reasons why a smaller company should also be considered:-

  • A smaller company can deliver your requirements in a more cost effective way. A good well established small company can deliver the same high quality of work as a larger company but at a cheaper price. So there is no need to compromise on quality for a financial gain.
  • Timeframes for delivery of work are generally more attractive and programmes can be quickly adjusted to suit every customer’s needs. Meaning that you as a customer deliver to the timeframes that you require and not the timeframe dictated to you by your supplier.
  • Smaller companies generally have fewer layers of management. A direct line to the source and you won’t have to deal with people who don’t have the authority to make any changes that you may desire. 
  • You are more likely to get quicker response time when communicating throughout the process of the job, with a more personal touch.
  • In a world where climate change is becoming a more prominent issue. It is important not only to focus on your own environmental impact but that of your supply chain too. A smaller company, is likely to have a lesser environmental impact, and as such could be a great option in reducing your overall environmental impact.

In Conclusion

Whilst every company, large or small, has its limitations and ‘pros and cons’, a small company is often able to turn those limitations into benefits through collaborative working. So should be a consideration when issuing out work through your supply chain.

So if you are looking to get a more personal service from a group of passionate specialists, then it is worth taking a look at some of the smaller companies out there…..

Have a good day,

Massimo D’Angelo – MMA Lighting Consultancy, Managing Director